Summary of update

WARNING: This is no longer the latest update. Please go to this page for the most recent update.

These last few months I have been working on an important update for the investment tracker. This short page will summarise what I have done:

  • Created three different separate trackers: stocks, crypto, crypto & stocks
  • Added a new function which calculates realized gains and summarises this in a report based on transactional history
  • Calculated unrealized gains and current positions based on the unrealized gains report
  • Specifically for cryptocurrencies, a new function now attaches to API of coinmarketcap and extracts price almost instantly. This is a major improvement compared to extracting the price through IMPORTHTML functions, which were slow and cumbersome to setup.
  • Added money-weighted average return for the entire portfolio.
  • Removed bugs in the spreadsheet and bugs relating to conditional lay-out.
  • Removed the ability to track different categories within stocks (this will be back in the future).

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only spreadsheet that gives you a total overview of your realized gains through a legit accounting method (FIFO; first in, first out). Moreover, you can connect your spreadsheet easily with coinmarketcaps API. This has brought the spreadsheet to an entirely different level. In the next phase, I will be working on improving any bugs that are inside the spreadsheet. For this, I will need the help of this community.

The Taj Mahal was built brick by brick. In total, the construction of the complex spanned 22 whole years! Perfection takes time to build. This spreadsheet will reach that state of perfection. But don’t worry, it won’t take 22 years to get there.

Gain access

In order to gain access to the newest tracker, there are a few steps you must complete. Once I have confirmed that you have completed these steps, I will send you a link with the newest trackers.

  1. Follow CoinAtlas on twitter. Like & retweet this tweet.
  2. Subscribe to the youtube channel and like this video.
  3. Join my telegram group for discussion and announcement.

Once you have completed all these steps, feel free to message me through email: [email protected]. Here you can find the newest guides for the tracker for crypto, stocks, crypto & stocks.


Ofcourse, I will continue to work on this spreadsheet. What I have in planned in the future, in no particular order, is the following:

  • Stock-split adjustment to stock trackers
  • Ability to deduct quantity of coins when transfering coins from A to B due to network fee’s
  • Total networth tracker
  • Rebalancing tool
  • Market-watch tool based on technical indicators which will e-mail you whenever certain conditions are met
  • Dividend analysis

Should you have other idea’s of your own, feel free to contact me through the homepage.


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