Start of beta testing for the premium trackers

After working for a significant amount of time on the trackers, I proudly present a new “Premium” and “Basic” edition of the Crypto tracker and the Crypto&Stocks tracker. The “Basic” edition will remain free for any person who subscribes to my newsletter. The “Premium” edition will entail all features of the tracker and remain free till the first of July 2022. Untill this time, it is in beta-mode and may contain bugs. From July 2022 and onwards, I will be asking a one-time charge of 25 euro’s for access to the premium trackers. Updates will also be available to the anyone who puchases it for one year. I have created a new promotional video for these trackers, displaying its features:

Basic version of the Crypto&Stocks tracker

  • Overview of portfolio through an awesome dashboard
  • Graphical representation of portfolio
  • Overview of unrealized gains using FIFO method
  • Overview of balance per account
  • Dividend tracking for unrealized gains
  • Price extraction for crypto through IMPORTHTML functions using coingecko as sources.
  • Limited to tracking 30 cryptocurrencies & 100 stocks

Premium version of the Crypto&Stocks tracker. Additional features include:

  • Net worth tracking
  • Connection with CoinMarketCap API for high performance.
  • FIFO/LIFO Calculations of realized gains. Useful for tax reports.
  • Adjustment for loss of crypto through transfer (CryptoTransfer)
  • Adjustment for stock splits
  • Dividend tracking for both realized gains & unrealized gains
  • Tracking of portfolio performance and subcategories with money-weighted rate of return

The same features for the “premium” and “basic” version apply for the Crypto Tracker. The only difference is that there are no features related to stocks.

Gaining access to the premium edition

In order to gain access to the premium trackers, there are a few steps you must complete. Once I have confirmed that you have completed these steps, I will send you a link with the newest trackers.

  1. Follow CoinAtlas on twitter. Like & retweet this tweet.
  2. Subscribe to the youtube channel and like this video.
  3. Join my telegram group for discussion and announcement.

Once you have completed all these steps, feel free to message me through email: [email protected]. If you don’t have a twitter or telegram, you don’t need to create one just for me. If you have already subscribed to my youtube channel, joined my telegram, then you only need to like & retweet this tweet and like this video. You can find the newest guides for the tracker for crypto and crypto & stocks.

Forward looking statement

The time untill July 2022 will be spent fixing any bugs that are present in the current spreadsheet. Moreoever, if possible, feedback from users incorporated. I will also write an extensive detailed setup in text, for the premium versions and create a youtube video for them. Moreover, I plan to develop a premium & basic version of a stock tracker. Afterwards, I will start releasing a series of video tutorials related to creating a tracker on google spreasheet.

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Vince · April 1, 2022 at 8:26 am

Hi Coinatlas,
I have completed the steps above. Can i get acces to the premium version of the crypto tracker?


    Pashtun · April 21, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Yes, just sent me an email and I will send you the premium tracker, if you haven’t already!

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