In the aftermath of the 2020 stock market crash, I found myself drawn to the world of investments, first in stocks and later in cryptocurrencies. As I delved deeper into the realm of decentralized finance, I was captivated by its vast potential and eye-opening lessons about the financial system.

But as my investments grew and diversified across multiple platforms, I faced a significant challenge: tracking my holdings and monitoring the market’s performance. I realized that every investor, from risk-averse traders to high-risk crypto enthusiasts, needs a tool to effectively manage their investments and achieve their financial goals.

My search for the perfect investment tracker was met with limited options – either expensive monthly subscriptions or inadequate tracking capabilities. I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I set out to create Coin-Atlas, the ultimate tracker for both crypto and stock investments, tailored to meet the needs of investors like you and me. No more settling for less or breaking the bank – just a powerful, comprehensive tool to help you take control of your financial future.”

Crafting the Premium Investment Tracker: Coin-Atlas

Driven by a desire for a comprehensive yet affordable solution, I immersed myself in learning and built my own investment tracker using Google Sheets. What started as a simple tool evolved over time, incorporating advanced features and functionalities.

From analyzing the performance of different categories to screening stocks and staying updated on the latest news, Coin-Atlas has become the all-in-one investment tracker it is today.

Embrace the freedom of cutting out paid subscriptions and middlemen. With Coin-Atlas, you can focus on what truly matters – investing in promising projects and maximizing your financial growth, all for free!

Unlock Your Access to Coin-Atlas

Getting started with Coin-Atlas is a breeze! Just subscribe to our newsletter, and you’ll receive an email with a link to the investment tracker. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it in your inbox.

UPDATE 11/13/2021: For access to the feature-rich Premium Tracker, complete a few quick and easy PR-related steps, taking less than 2 minutes of your time. Learn more here. While the Basic Tracker is still available through newsletter subscription, the Premium Tracker offers an upgraded experience you won’t want to miss!

Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and st. Investment tracker for cryptocurrency and stocks.

If you are having trouble setting up the investment tracker, make sure to check out the manual and description of the spreadsheet. link